Members of IFPS

Who are we?

IFPS is the International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS) is composed of national produce associations from around the globe.

The long term objective of the federation is to improve the supply chain efficiency of the fresh produce industry through developing, implementing and managing harmonized international standards.

IFPS was previously known as The International Federation for Produce Coding (IFPC), IFPS is a coalition of fruit and vegetable associations from the around the globe that joined together in 2001 as equal partners to pursue the task of introducing a global standard for the use of international Price Look-Up (PLU) numbers.

IFPS structure now

IFPS was incorporated in 2006, under the Companies Act 1985 [in England and Wales], with the registered office in the UK, and the Secretariat office in the US. The registered office is managed by our collegues at The Fresh Produce Consortium, whilst the Secretariat is hosted by PMA.

The General Assembly is controling the Board of Directors. IFPS has established four Board Committees, the specialist of our members, for the different issues. 

Food Safety Committee
More info see the Foodsafety Pages.

Product Identfication Committee
More info see the Product Identification Pages.

Information Management Committee
More info see the Product Identification Pages.

Communications Committee

Board of Directors
The current Board of Directors consists of:
• Ed Treacy, Produce Marketing Association (US)- Chairman
• Harrij Schmeitz, Frug I Com (Netherlands) - Vice-Chair

• Jane Proctor, Canadian Produce Marketing Association 

• Nigel Jenney, Fresh Produce Consortium (UK)

• Edmundo Araya, Asociacion de Exportadores de Chile

• Anne Fowlie, Canadian Horticultural Council
• Michael Worthington, Produce Marketing Association (Aus & New Zealand )
• Oddmund Ostebo, Norges Frukt-og Gronnsaksgrossisters Forbund (Norway)
• Dr Hans Maurer, United Fresh New Zealand

• Dan Vache, United Fresh Produce Association (US)

Members of IFPS
  • The following national produce associations are IFPS members:
    • Asociacion de Exportadores de Chile
    • Canadian Horticultural Council
    • Canadian Produce Marketing Association
    • Freshfel Europe
    • Fresh Produce Consortium (UK)
    • Frug I Com (Netherlands)
    • Fruit South Africa
    • Horticulture Australia Ltd
    • Norges Frukt-og Gronnsaksgrossisters Forbund (Norway)
    • Produce Marketing Association (US)
    • Produce Marketing Association Australia-New Zealand

• Shaffe (Belgium)

• United Fresh (New Zealand)
• United Fresh Produce Association (US)


 Members are recognized on the member of logo.

More Information?

For more information on IFPS please contact us. Adresses , Phonenumbers etc. see contact.