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As chair of the IFPS, I am very happy to report that the usage of PLU Codes at Retail Grocery stores is being adopted in Mexico. Mexican Retailers, Growers and Wholesalers formed an industry led initiative to implement PLU Codes labeling for fresh fruit and vegetables. This implementation is being supported by IFPS, PMA, GS1 Mexico and ANTAD. The initiative has 3 implementation milestones; 
  1. Labeling of first 26 commodities by September 30, 2014 
  2. Labeling of remaining  135 commodities by March 30, 2015
  3. Addition of DataBar Barcode on PLU Labels by December 31, 2015.

For more information on this initiative, click here.

I am pleased to report that the criteria for a new PLU Code has been relaxed to allow for patented varieties to be granted a PLU Code, provided the remaining criteria are met. This was implemented to support the needs of the retailers around the globe.  

The IFPS is working with GS1 Global office as well as GS1 Europe in developing a fresh fruit and vegetable labeling guide. The IFPS members are working to ensure that the different labeling practices from across the globe are incorporated into the global standard. 
I look forward to productive meetings in Rotterdam in the first week of December including the 1st EU FRESH INFO Forum and Round Tables.

Ed Treacy
Chairman IFPS

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To satisfy the needs of international customers, the PLU codes list has been translated into FrenchSpanish and Portuguese.