PLU Codes


To access the existing globally-used PLU codes for fresh produce, refer to the PLU codes search section of this site. If you are interested in applying for a new PLU code, please review the assignment criteria and application.

Because there is a limited, reserved range of numbers available for assignment of harmonised IFPS PLU codes, the codes used must be those listed in the database and designated as Retailer Assigned - they cannot be randomly chosen. Unassigned PLU codes are reserved explicitly for use by the IFPS Board in the assignment of new numbers. 



About IFPS Product Identification Committee


Purpose of the Committee


  •  Facilitate the development of global product identification standards for use and adoption within the global produce industry
  • Identify all global Produce Product Identification initiatives currently underway
  • Align all global industry Product Identification initiatives by identifying and communicating gaps and overlaps between global initiatives
  • Monitor, guide and promote standards for product identification for use within the global produce industry
  • Develop produce specific GS1 change requests where required

IFPS Product Identification Committee

The Product Identification Committee has the following members:

J. Proctor, CPMA (Chair)
F. Costa, GS1 Brazil

D. Atallah, GS1 Canada

C. Chevillon, GS1 France

I. Chatagnier, GS1 France

E. Tomanovich, GS1 Global

R. Rivera, GS1 Mexico

S. Zuniga, GS1 Mexico
S. Pielaat, GS1 Netherlands

W. Logan, IFPA

M. Wishart, GS1 Australia

S. Howarth, Sinclair Int'l

R. Lee, Horticulture Council of Canada

G. Sorensen, NFGF

J. den Engelse, Frug I Com
H. Maurer, United Fresh New Zealand
E. Treacy, IFPA
S. Thomas, Fresh Produce UK
E. Sertl, GS1 US

Product Identification

Improving supply chain efficiencies from the field to the consumer helps ensure that the right product gets to the right place at the right time. Designed to assist the produce industry to learn how to identify their products along the supply chain, an e-Learning module is now available to help make one of the sometimes most confusing supply chain processes easier to understand. Produce Identification in the Fresh Produce Industry was developed for all industry participants to gain foundational knowledge on this subject. 



IFPS Color Code List

This color code list contains the colors to be used for fresh produce when implementing data standards and data synchronization. 

Size Breaks/Variety Splits Within Existing PLU Codes

When a PLU Code application is approved for a specific variety or size when a PLU Code already exists with no specific variety or size named, the nomenclature for the existing PLU Code (the variety or size) will be changed to “Other”.

When applicant submits application requesting new size, existing PLU code becomes "All other sizes". Same with variety (e.g., red seedless grapes).

Please refer to the press release (English and
 French) for further information.