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IFPS was delighted with the response received by its first Global Forum “Global
Harmonisation of Fresh Produce Standards” at Fruit Logistica 2011 in Berlin.
The Forum consisted of six presentations on:
􀂃 Global Harmonisation of Good Agricultural Practices
􀂃 GS1 Traceability Guidelines in Practice
􀂃 The Challenges in integrating PLU-coding and Global Trade item Numbers
􀂃 Global Product Classification
􀂃 Development of a Global Cultivation Message
􀂃 Supply Chain Information Management in Practice
and was very well received by the industry professionals in attendance.

“Feedback received confirmed that as an industry, we are not only global but are
indeed having to cope with identical problems within our global trading activities,
regardless of where in the world we are located,” says Dr Hans Maurer, IFPS Chair.
“Fruit Logistica and IFPS are now in a dialogue to determine how we can intensify our
cooperation at AsiaFruit Logistica 2011, Fruit Logistica 2012, and beyond. We thank
Fruit Logistica for its support to date.”

The Forum has also resulted in several new membership requests being received from
various national produce associations.
Dr Hans Maurer


Presentations are available at the Forum pages.

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