About our membership..

There are two levels of membership, Ordinary Members and Associate Members.

Ordinary members are national trade associations or groups of national trade associations that represent individuals or organizations in their respective countries who are actively participating in the fresh produce supply chain, and act in a representative capacity; and have voting rights, one per Ordinary Member. 

Associate Membership is open to individuals or organizations who are associated with but not actively participating in the fresh produce supply chain industry. Associate members do not have voting rights.

The member group provides an international forum to address issues that require international harmonisation or standardisation for the produce sectors and creates the first incorporated body constituted of national organisations providing direct representation of their respective countries' constituents.


Members of IFPS

The following national produce associations are IFPS members:

  • Canadian Produce Marketing Association
  • Fresh Produce Centre/Frug I Com (The Netherlands)
  • Fresh Produce Consortium (UK)
  • Fruit and Vegetable Growers of Canada (FVGC)
  • International Fresh Produce Association (US)
  • International Fresh Produce Association Australia-New Zealand
  • United Fresh (New Zealand)

Associate Members:

  • Accu-Label (Canada)
  • GS1 Global
  • Sinclair Systems (US)

 Members are recognized on the member of logo.

IFPS Members

International Fresh Produce Association A-NZ

IFPA Australia-New Zealand Limited is the first stand-alone global affiliate of International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) - the leading global trade association serving the entire produce and floral supply chains by enhancing the marketing of produce, floral, and related products and services worldwide. Members are buyers and sellers from every segment of the produce and floral supply chain.

The overall objective of the organisation is to "connect, inform and deliver business solutions that enhance members' prosperity". It will do this through quality networking events, industry-wide initiatives on food safety and traceability, attracting and developing talent and increasing fresh produce consumption, and providing educational and insightful information to its members that has real practical usage.

Contact: Darren Keating, d.keating@pma-anz.com
Website: linkedin.com/company/ifpa-anz

International Fresh Produce Association


The International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) is the largest and most diverse international association, serving the entire fresh produce and floral supply chain and the first to seamlessly integrate world-facing advocacy and industry-facing support.

IFPA represents companies from every segment of the global fresh produce and floral supply chain. We advocate, connect and guide to enhance members’ prosperity.

Together with our member companies, IFPA leads and makes things happen for our members and industry on both the national and global stages, creating beneficial changes through action.

Contact: Ed Treacy, etreacy@freshproduce.com
Website: www.freshproduce.com 

Fruit and Vegetable Growers of Canada

Fruit and Vegetable Growers of Canada (FVGC) is a voluntary, not-for-profit, national association that has been committed to promoting the interests of its members since 1922. The mission is to encourage cooperation and understanding to build national consensus on key issues, thereby delivering unified and clear representation to governments and other national and international parties.

Members are primarily involved in the production and packing of over 120 horticulture crops comprised of fruit and vegetables and include provincial and national horticultural commodity organisations representing more than 25,000 producers in Canada, as well as allied and service organisations, provincial governments and individual producers.

The FVGC’s activities include representation and advocacy on matters such as crop protection, risk management programs, food safety and traceability, grade standards and labelling and trade agreements. The FVGC was responsible for the development of the internationally recognised CanadaGAP™ food safety program and the establishment of the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program and a national Science Cluster for Horticulture.

Contact: Rebecca Lee, rlee@fvgc.ca

Websites: www.fvgc.ca

Fresh Produce Centre

Fresh Produce Centre represents the interests of businesses involved in the sale and marketing of fruit and vegetables and is a source of knowledge and inspiration. Its members account for over 80% of total sales of fruit and vegetables in the Netherlands, which are worth around € 15 billion (including growers’ associations).

Fresh Produce Centre has around 320 members. The members are trading companies and growers’ associations involved in the sale and marketing of fruit and vegetables. They specialise in the domestic wholesale, import, export, treatment, processing, packaging, storage and transshipment of fruit and vegetables.

Contact: R. Schouten, info@fpcnl.eu

Associated member: Sinclair

Sinclair, which is more than three decades old, delivers a comprehensive offering of food safe fresh produce labels and labeling equipment that enable packers and shippers to showcase their brand identity and differentiate themselves. Based in Fresno, California and Norwich, England, Sinclair now has 10 labal-manufacturing sites around the world with labeling systems installed in more than 45 countries worldwide. Our labels are unsurpassed, comprised on micro-thin material that is food-safe and complies with requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Union (EU).

With a portfolio of more than 79 issued patents, we take pride in product excellence. We pioneered produce labling and commercialized many product innovations such as Sinclair Tablift®, Sinclair Peel and Reveal®, Sinclair Print on Demand™, the Sinclair Compact Pattern Labeler™ and the ground breaking RM6 with its game-changing rotary head and bellows label application system. Furthermore, Sinclair technical service is recongnized as a leader in providing support, consultative technical advice and analysis for optimal labeling efficincy.


Website: www.sinclair-intl.com

Associated Member: GS1 Global

GS1 is a neutral, non-profit organisation that develops and maintains the most widely used global standards for efficient business communication. We are best known for the barcode, named by the BBC as one of “the 50 things that made the world economy”. GS1 standards improve the efficiency, safety and visibility of supply chains across physical and digital channels in 25 sectors. Our scale and reach – local Member Organisations in 115 countries, 2 million user companies and 6 billion transactions every day – help ensure that GS1 standards create a common language that supports systems and processes across the globe. Find out more at www.gs1.org. Follow us on Twitter: @GS1 and LinkedIn.

Fresh Produce Consortium

The Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC) is the UK’s fresh produce trade association and is recognised across the UK and European Union as the voice of the UK fresh produce and cut flower industry. FPC is an independent organisation owned by its membership which includes companies and associates from every sector of the industry: growers, importers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, packers, food service organisations and other allied organisations.  

Contact: Nigel Jenney, nigel@freshproduce.org.uk

Website: www.freshproduce.org.uk

Norges Frukt-og Gronnsaksgrossisters Forbund


Norwegian Association of Fruit and Vegetable Wholesalers
Organizes 33 Norwegian wholesalers and importers active in marketing fruit and vegetables.

Our association works within the following areas:

• Food Safety
• Contact with Authorities
• Generic marketing through Norwegian Fruit and Vegetable Marketing Board
• Information to members
• Networking
• Electronic tracing

Contact: Gry Sorensen, gry.sorensen@fgsfrukt.no 
Website: www.grossistforbundet.no/

Canadian Produce Marketing Association


Based in Ottawa, Ontario, the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) is a not-for-profit organization that represents companies that are active in the marketing of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables in Canada from the farm gate to the dinner plate.  CPMA's vision is to enable and lead the produce industry by enhancing the market and facilitating trade of fresh fruits and vegetables for its members.


Contact: Jane Proctor,  jproctor@cpma.ca
Website: www.cpma.ca 

United Fresh

United Fresh New Zealand Incorporated is the country’s only pan-produce organisation - with 84 members from across the fresh produce value chain. United Fresh president, David Smith, says horticulture, which is currently a $3.5 billion industry, is an important export earner for the country. And turning it into a $10 billion industry by 2020 needs vision, co-operation and collaboration. Outside of United Fresh we are all competitors in the marketplace but within United Fresh it’s an open forum, where we all pull together and communicate about industry ‘good’ issues," says David. "This creates an umbrella across our industry for external communication with the government, the public, media or international organisations." The primary objective of United Fresh is to promote the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables to New Zealanders, through the 5+ A Day and Fruit In Schools programmes. The formation of the 5+ A Day Charitable Trust, with the children of New Zealand as the beneficiaries, was a strategic move by United Fresh to separate the organisation’s administrative role from the promotional role of 5+ A Day," he says. "And it has been a huge success." While other countries have similar 5+ A Day programmes, New Zealand is one of the few to be entirely driven by the produce industry and it is highly respected internationally, says David. United Fresh’s main goal  is to continue fostering collaboration within the industry. "In the future there will be an increased need for more interaction between government and industry organisations. Our  role is to make sure we bring all the parties together to promote the industry in a positive way. United Fresh endorses and promotes success both internationally and domestically. Its overall objective is to grow the industry, and to make this happen we must make sure all parties are working together.”

Contact: H. Maurer hmaurer@agrichain-centre.com
Website: www.unitedfresh.co.nz

Associated Member: Accu-Label


Accu-Label is widely recognized as an industry leader in fruit labelling technology, providing highly reliable, cost-effective & eco-friendly fruit labelling solutions since 2001. Accu-Label’s internationally patented ORB-it® high-speed labelling systems, have proven to outperform all other fruit labelling systems by:

  • Providing the highest label application rate on wet and fuzzy produce;
  • Producing the least amount of damage or bruising to soft produce;
  • Being the most reliable equipment with user serviceable plug-and-play design;


Accu-Label’s proprietary labels are constructed from high-quality biodegradable PAPER on a recyclable PET liner. Accu-Label’s ORB-it-® Vision Labeller™ is a high-speed tray labeller that achieves over 90% label application on the (TOV) cluster tomato body. Since 2008, the ORB-it® G-2 Print & Apply labelling system has proven to be the most successful on-demand label printing solution, and the patented Waste Liner Rewind design has reduced operator maintenance by 90%. Along with Ag-Tronic Control Systems, Accu-Label provides a total packaging & automation solutions for customers across North America, Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Contact: Rod Baeini, rodbaeini@accu-label.com

Website: www.accu-label.com