Overall objectives of IFPS 

• In conjunction with stakeholders in the industry to improve the supply chain efficiency of the fresh produce industry through developing, implementing and managing harmonised international standards.

• To act as a forum for comment and discussion on issues relating to international standards as they affect the produce industry.

• To make recommendations and advocate appropriate courses of action in relation to international standards that affect the produce industry.

• To develop, implement and manage an international standard for Price Look Up (PLU) numbers.

• The doing of all such other things as are incidental or conducive to attainment of these objectives.

Board of Directors

  • The current Board of Directors consists of:
  •  Gry Sorensen, Norges Frukt-og Gronnsaksgrossisters Forbund (Norway) - Chair
     Rebecca Lee, Canadian Horticultural Council - Vice Chair 
  •  Ed Treacy, Produce Marketing Association (US)
  •  Jane Proctor, Canadian Produce Marketing Association 
  •  Richard Schouten, Fresh Produce Center (Netherlands)
  •  Nigel Jenney, Fresh Produce Consortium (UK)
  •  Dr. Hans Maurer, United Fresh New Zealand
  •  Charif Christian Carvajal, ASOEX (Chile)
  •  Tom Stenzel (Interim Board Member), United Fresh Produce Association (US)

Please refer to the press release (English, Spanish and
) for further information. 


Members of IFPS


Current PLU Applications Under Review by vbonvetti

There are four new PLU applications under review during this period.

  1. PremA 153 Apple - Small
  2. PremA 153 Apple - Large
  3. Shinano Gold Apple
  4. Fengapi Apple

Please contact plu@ifpsglobal.com if you have any questions.

POLICY STATEMENT: IFPS supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals by Boudenaarden
Through the work on sustainability by the IFPS members, IFPS has global perspective on this, and by working together in fresh produce globally, IFPS wants to contribute to achieving the climate goals. Our first step will be to create a network for shared learning. Questions? Contact us!!
NEW PLU Application by cdallacco
Effective January 2019, a new PLU application has been released for use. Please ensure you use the current PLU application when filing to request a new PLU code. 
New & Recently Added PLU Codes by vbonvetti

Here you can find the new and recently added PLU codes.

IFPS Roundtable Discussions on Durability by Luijk

Next week, the first International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS) Roundtable on durability will take place at GroentenFruit Huis (NL) . Chair Gry Søresen (Norway) and co-host Daan van Empel (the Netherlands) will lead an international exchange of durable knowledge from around the globe.

We will start with Bert Urlings (Vion) who gives an "out-of-the-fresh-produce-box" view on durable from the perspective of meat producers. This will be followed by 6 other talks on durable from 6 different countries and 3 different continents, including Freshfel Europe

Let's make the world of fresh produce more durable!

The roundtable discussions take place on Monday 26 November 2018. For more information, contact the hosts. Or join the International Federation for Produce Standards and let’s get working on standards for fresh produce globally .

IFPS Roundtable at 4th EU Fresh Info Forum by Harrij Schmeitz

In connection with the 4th Eu Fresh info Forum - the International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS) are arranging a Roundtable discussion/update to share knowledge on the development on Sustainability in different countries.

IFPS puts sustainability on the menu
IFPS have already put a focus on sustainability goal No. 17 Partnerships to achieve the Goal through our coalition of fruit and vegetable associations from the around the globe.
Goal 17 seeks to strengthen global partnerships to support and achieve the ambitious targets of the 2030 Agenda, bringing together national governments, the international community, civil society, the private sector and other actors.


The purpose

 of the meeting is to provide new insights, contribute to the sharing of knowledge and inspiration. Knowledge is necessary when sustainability becomes more important. In the meeting we want to share and receive knowledge on the development, on the focus and work on Sustainability in different countries.


The structure

 of the meeting is an introduction speech on the topic, followed by input from the participant on how different countries work with sustainability and what goals that have been set.


As an expected outcome

 of the meeting is to outline on what United Nations Sustainability goals that are most relevant to the IFPS members and create a policy statement and support priotities/actions to achieve success.

PLU labels for Australian Mangoes by Luijk

Implementation of Mango PLU labels to incorporate GS1 DataBar for loose product traceability and scannability.

This coming season, in line with other loose produce categories, major retailers including Woolworths, Coles and Metcash (IGA) are asking their Australian mango suppliers to collaborate on the implementation of a more defined PLU label incorporating DataBars.

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Save the Date: EU Fresh Info Forum by Luijk


IFPS is proud to be one of the founding fathers of the biggest event in Information management and Standards in Fresh Produce in the world: the EU Fresh Info Forum.  This year, the week of 26 to 30 November will be entirely dedicated to the Tsunami of Technology which is headed our way but offers great opportunities for the Fresh Produce sector.

The program is packed with interesting events for international guests. On Monday 26 November, a special IFPS roundtable will be hosted on Durable Fresh Produce Standards. On Tuesday 27 November, the IFPS General Board Meeting & General Assembly will take place. On Wednesday 28, we will take a tour around some of the finest and most advanced companies in Dutch Horticulture.  Thursday 29 will be entirely dedicated to the Forum and we will conclude the week with a special Standards Roundtable on Friday.

We will host this year's event in two new Fresh locations in the Netherlands.  

So be sure to add these dates to your calendar and schedule your flight to the Netherlands! We will be back with more information after the summer holidays. 

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New Blog on Blockchain by Luijk
Blockchain: Myth or Salvation? Dr. Hans Maurer, the New Zealand IFPS Director and chair of the Chain Information Management Committee, discusses the impact of blockchain technology on the fresh produce industry and the importance of information standards. Read it here.



PLU codes in the spotlight by Luijk

PLU codes have been put in the spotlight in Canada. Yesterday, CBC News published an article on PLU codes called 'What those little stickers on fruits and vegetables are for". The article goes deeper into what PLU codes are and why they are used. 

Read the article

PLU Codes


To access the existing globally-used PLU codes for fresh produce, refer to the PLU codes search section of this site. If you are interested in applying for a new PLU code, please review the assignment criteria and application.

Since there is a limited, reserved range of numbers available for assignment of harmonized IFPS PLU codes, the codes used must be those listed in the database and designated as Retailer Assigned - they cannot be randomly chosen. Unassigned PLU codes are reserved explicitly for use by the IFPS Board in the assignment of new numbers. 




Getting Blockchain Ready : Three Conceptual Overhaul Suggestions

By Dr. Hans Maurer, New Zealand IFPS Director and chair of the Chain Information Management Committee

In my earlier comment piece entitled "Blockchain: myth or salvation?", I touched upon the need for a conceptual overhaul in the way our industry works to give Blockchain technology a chance to succeed. Three suggestions for such an overhaul are the need to accept GS1 standards as an integral part of product and grower identification; to settle upon an appropriate and consistent procurement strategy and then stick to it; and, to adopt the 7th Principle of Supply Chain Management (Anderson et al, 1997).

IFPS Members