Product Identification

Accurate identification of product is the foundation of supply chain efficiencies - from the field through to the retail point-of-sale.  The fresh produce supply chain is truly global so the language of business, including produce identification, is crucial to ensuring the right product arrives at the right place at the right time.  IFPS efforts in produce identification includes both standard setting in cooperation with global standards bodies (see Information Management & Standardization) and, unique to the fresh produce industry, the establishment and management of the global IFPS Price Look Up (PLU) codes for produce sold to consumers loose/in bulk.

Implementation of GS1 DataBar for the Global Fresh Produce Industry

The Implementation of GS1 DataBar for the Global Fresh Produce Industry guide was created as a resource to assist with implementation of the GS1 DataBar.

The guide explains what a GS1 DataBar is, the benefits and challenges of implementation, the steps to begin using the GS1 DataBar, the regional requirements of Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United States as well as Frequently Asked Questions for additional guidance.

This resource is available for download on the Resources page.

IFPS Color Code List

This color code list contains the colors to be used for fresh produce when implementing data standards and data synchronization. This list is maintained by the IFPS.