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One of the tasks the Chain Information Committee has set itself is to establish and maintain a register  of all GLOBAL Standards that have relevance in the Fresh Produce industry. The Chain Information Committee report tabled at the 2015 Summer meeting in Oslo, Norway included the first register version  which is now available here.  Any suggestions for additions or adjustments should be sent to the Committee Chair at All contributions are welcome. Together , we will be able to expand this register as necessary and keep it relevant.
Please note though that this is not  meant to be a collection of National Standards; e.g. NZGap, but one of truly Global Standards. 

About IFPS Chain Info.Mgt. Committee

The Information Management Committee's principle role is to advise the IFPS Board on opportunities in to the management of electronic information exchange in the global fresh produce value chain.

Chain Information Management Committee

The Chain Information Management Committee has the following members:

  • H. Maurer (New Zealand, Chair)
  • J. Lawes (New Zealand)
  • G. Rowe (USA)
  • J. Proctor (Canada)
  • E. Treacy (USA)