Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors consists of:
• Ed Treacy, Produce Marketing Association (US)- Chairman
• Harrij Schmeitz, Frug I Com (Netherlands) - Vice-Chair

• Jane Proctor, Canadian Produce Marketing Association 

• Nigel Jenney, Fresh Produce Consortium (UK)

• Edmundo Araya, Asociacion de Exportadores de Chile

• Anne Fowlie, Canadian Horticultural Council
• Michael Worthington, Produce Marketing Association (Aus & New Zealand )
• Oddmund Ostebo, Norges Frukt-og Gronnsaksgrossisters Forbund (Norway)
• Dr Hans Maurer, United Fresh New Zealand

• Dan Vache, United Fresh Produce Association (US)


Members of IFPS

IFPS Members

Latest News

Current PLU Applications Under Review

There are currently no PLU applications under review.

Please contact if you have any questions.

New & Recently Added PLU Codes
Here you can find the new and recently added PLU codes.
PLU Code Transition - Leading Digit '8'
As the adoption of price look-up (PLU) codes gain further traction in the produce industry, the IFPS has committed to transitioning the previously unused prefix '8' to accommodate an increase in varieties of fresh produce items as they enter the market. Please refer to the press release (English, Spanish and French) for further information. Additional information can also be found in this article which is an extract from the October 2015 Fresh Magazine issue published by PMA. 
PLU Code Search Function
The PLU Codes database which contains more than 1,400 standard PLU codes for the fresh produce industry is now housed on this site. Please access the search function here

Board of Directors thanks host Oddmund

The first week of June the Board of Directors of IFPS is meeting in Oslo. A special welcome for the host Oddmund Ostebo, as it is the last meeting of Oddmund. He is retiring at Frukt- og Grønnsakgrossistenes Servicekontor. 

The Board of Directors would like to thank Oddmund; not only for almost 10 years of being active for IFPS., but also for his vision for the need to found the association.

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eLearning module on Product Identification
Improving supply chain efficiencies from the field to the consumer helps ensure that the right product gets to the right place at the right time. Designed to assist the produce industry to learn how to identify their products along the supply chain, an e-Learning module is now available to help make one of the sometimes most confusing supply chain processes easier to understand. Produce Identification in the Fresh Produce Industry was developed for all industry participants to gain foundational knowledge on this subject. 

PLU Codes

To access the existing globally-used PLU codes for fresh produce, refer to the PLU codes search section of this site. If you are interested in applying for a new PLU code, please review the assignment criteria and application

Blog from the Chair

IFPS Global Update

I am pleased to announce that Sinclair Systems International LLC has joined the International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS) as an associate member and will be represented by Kelly Kirschner, Vice President of Global Marketing. Sinclair pioneered the development of automatic fruit labeling systems over 25 years ago, and now operates in 35 countries worldwide. Sinclair is wholly dedicated to the global fresh produce sector.

In other news, IFPS will be a lead sponsor of a new fresh produce technology conference SMART Horticulture Asia. This one-day conference will take place during ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA on September 08, 2016 in Hong Kong. SMART Horticulture Asia will be the first conference for Information Management, Standards & Technology for Asia’s fresh fruit and vegetable sector. The congress is designed as an annual knowledge and networking hub in Asia on digitalisation and standardisation in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector.

In Mexico, the industry led initiative to implement PLU Codes labeling for fresh fruit and vegetables continues to proceed well with cooperation among retailers, suppliers, ANTAD, GS1 Mexico, PMA and IFPS. Retailers Walmart Mexico, Chedraui, Calimax and HEB Mexico are in the final stages of their implementation with retailers Merco, Arteli, Centro Comercial Cruz Azul, La Comer, Soriana and Alsuper in the early stages of their implementation. The participation from across the entire Mexican fresh produce supply chain continues to grow with over 40 Mexican industry leaders attending the last steering committee meeting for the initiative in Guadalajara on March 17th 2016.

And finally, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, IFPS has received its first application from a French grower/shipper for a new PLU as some French retailers are using the IFPS PLU codes in their stores. IFPS is working with GS1 France to gain an understanding of how many retailers are using the IFPS PLU codes in their stores. 


Overall objectives of IFPS 

• In conjunction with stakeholders in the industry to improve the supply chain efficiency of the fresh produce industry through developing, implementing and managing harmonised international standards.

• To act as a forum for comment and discussion on issues relating to international standards as they affect the produce industry.

• To make recommendations and advocate appropriate courses of action in relation to international standards that affect the produce industry.

• To develop, implement and manage an international standard for Price Look Up (PLU) numbers.

• The doing of all such other things as are incidental or conducive to attainment of these objectives.

Please refer to the press release (English, Spanish and
) for further information.